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Fakemon by Kjerya-Copenhapen


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August 29, 2011
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Naisu Region Fakedex by pokeluka Naisu Region Fakedex by pokeluka
Naisu Fakedex -…
Mega Evolutions -…

Edit 01 (03.11.2011.) - Changed the letters, added Planestial, Amboon and Lomberant;
Edit 02 (28.11.2011.) - Added Lightneery, Camolumn and Magmin;
Edit 03 (17.12.2011.) - Added Caliver, Veeseenow, Lunaric and Lavorta;
Edit 04 (02.01.2012.) - Moved the old fire starter to scraps, added Heappo;
Edit 05 (08.01.2012.) - Added Flapotamus, Stalagon and Conflamusk;
Edit 06 (23.01.2012.) - Added Arilane, Pomexicate, Lunaminate and Kameekaze;
Edit 07 (01.02.2012.) - Added Tykerr, Narwhice, Aquallus, Blaith and Twilectro;
Edit 08 (15.02.2012.) - Added Psyram, Ignairous and Manoon;
Edit 09 (26.03.2012.) - Added Bandrill and Moorshimol;
Edit 10 (13.04.2012.) - Moved the old grass starter to scraps, added Gleafard, Cassonder, Cawellagon, Rideffalo and Scyboo;
Edit 11 (02.05.2012.) - Added Dravoss, Leadracal, Woodium and Spikumo;
Edit 12 (15.05.2012.) - Moved The old Aynin, Ninjitsu, Shurinja, Magmin, Lavorta, Anber, Aberoon and Lomberant to scraps, added 2.0 versions of Aynin, Magmin and Anber;
Edit 13 (13.07.2012.) - Moved the old Calabine, Calabirit, Blackattus and Tasmaniac to scraps, added 2.0 versions of Calabine, Darkat and Tasbite;
Edit 14 (20.07.2012.) - Moved the fire starter family, Kamikazee, old Volchick, old Lightneery, old Cassonder, Arilane, Pomexicate, Lartox, Venopa and Mosquing to scraps, added Toxear and 2.0 versions of Calabirit, Calabunch and Volchick;
Edit 15 (02.08.2012.) - Moved the old Tyker, Snook, Phanteeze, Tombnake and Pharaobra to scraps, added Intocer, Jabble, Frosogle and 2.0 versions of Ignouse, Tyker, Snook, Tombnake and Pharaobra;
Edit 16 (16.08.2012.) - Moved the old Planestial, Stareef and Starabyss to scraps, added Steelite, Mewhree and 2.0 version of Stareef;
Edit 17 (27.08.2012.) - Added Weavike, Kingsess, Wralekeen and 2.0 version of Starabyss;
Edit 18 (08.09.2012.) - Moved the old Babiroga to scraps, added Velobrant, Insectagun and 2.0 version of Babiroga;
Edit 19 (18.09.2012.) - Moved the old Camolumn to scraps, added Pyramel, Zeanion, Torrovious and 2.0 versions of Phanteeze, Camolumn, Tasmaniac and Lavorta;
Edit 20 (13.10.2012.) - Added Lizaero, Reptiling, Finniped, Pholge, Tusmire, Rombust, Telekizzle and 2.0 versions of Gleafard and Conflagrat;
Edit 21 (05.11.2012.) - Changed the letters, updated Twilectro, added Canodrick and 2.0 versions of Manoon, Bandrill, Lunaric, Lunaminate and Ignairous;
Edit 22 (24.11.2012.) - Updated Rideffalo, moved Aquallus, Aynin and Tyker 2.0, and old Narwhice, Moorshimol, Woodium and Caliver to scraps, added Venorwig, Halluskar, Burnick and Royaleck, 2.0 versions of Narwhice, Moorshimol, Woodium and Caliver and 3.0 versions of Aynin and Tyker.
Edit 23 (31.12.2012.) - Changed the position of Lunaric and Lunaminate, added Staruss, Panizzy, Scaleon, Sturdeon, Arthreon and Bullascaux, updated Blaith, Stalagon, Cawellagon and Queensess and added 2.0 versions of Scyboo, Lightneery, Cassonder, Veeseenow and Olmagon;
Edit 24 (17.01.2013.) - Added Burrun, Delvowl, Terrovix, Hailwhal and 2.0 versions of Amboon, Lomberant, Blackattus and Planestial;
Edit 25 (21.04.2013.) - Added Megandible and Slugucus, updated Wralekeen;
Edit 26 (06.05.2013.) - Added Sanboorm, Barboa, Sharpent, Plaugva, Electrifly, Toxting, Serbeagle and 2.0 version of Hydrox, updated Tombnake and Pharaobra;
Edit 27 (22.08.2013.) - Added Dratlantic, Skullorm, Puspoul, Flattect and 4.0 version of Aynin, updated Tasbite, Darkat, Camolumn, Pyramel, Spikumo, Starabyss, Bullascaux and Cawellagon. Also added Mega Evolutions of Masquerain, Chandelure, Cofagrigus, Arcanine, Kingdra, Milotic, Houndoom and Poliwrath;
Edit 28 (20.09.2013.) - Added Imhotemple, Fairooth, Dentellum, Brinch, Zapchin, Chromaunt, Leapest, Knockust, Jolill, Chargin and Mega Evolution of Babiroga, Ursaring and Volcarona, updated Ignouse, Rombust, Conflagrat, Blackattus, Camolumn and Pyramel;
Edit 29 (08.12.2013.) - Added Democifer, Seraphing, Salvadou, Cunicier, Haroar, Mega Slowbro/Slowking, Greenfleat and Scorchight, updated Calabunch, reduced the number of Mega Evolutions;
Edit 30 (31.12.2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR XOXOXO) - Added Mega Cacturne, Diffeeleep, Insogue, Foxine, Voolzen, Naisu Region Fossils, Stopple and Wreckumo;
Edit 31 (28.02.2014.) - Added Nestree, Navell and Subturine, changed dex numbers of some fakemon, updated Finniped, Pholge and Tusmire;
Edit 32 (16.06.2014.) - Updated Scaleon, Sturdeon, Arthreon, Blaith, Scyboo, Chromaunt, Slugucus and Dratlantic;
Edit 33 (05.07.2014.) - Updated Diffeeleep, Insogue, Veeseenow, Moorshimo and Halluskar, added Coleora and Eskibaba;

Pokémon © to Nintendo
Naisu region fakedex and all fakemon in it © to me. All rights reserved. All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may NOT be used, reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, borrowed, duplicated, printed, downloaded, or uploaded in any way without my express written permission.
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This is a very great dex!It really caught my eye.I think you have nintendo/gamefreak material.Yopu got some talent,but the dex itself is really well done I can see the effort you put into this.It was so amazing I had to favorite and give you a llama.Keep it up I cant wait until you're done.
It was colorful that's what caught my eye you have good and logical color choices.
It is original but many of these ideas have been done.
People enjoy this type of artwork,because you can put details into it.I see you've done that well.
Hope that's good.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
59 out of 61 deviants thought this was fair.

Positive aspects:
+ Amazing lining, colouring and shading.
+ Perfectly suited to Pokémon style. Not many weird shapes or concepts.
+ Original ideas.
+ Ideas that might have been already developed are skillfully reinvented and given a new perspective.
+ It's hard to decide which ones are your favourite, which is a good point. However, I would like to highlight the evolines of STAREEF, SNOOK and CALABINE.
+ STAREEF and STARABYSS are just incredible. Although the sea star idea has already been exploited by STARYU and STARMIE in 1st Generation, these two do not have anything to envy. Both tenderness in STAREEF and ferocity in STARABYSS are greatly achieved. Congratulations.
+ The base concept of SNOOK is hard to be exploited without falling into "too-human" shapes. However, you've accomplished to make it a possible snowman Fakemon, and even candidate for many teams.
+ Something similar happens to the concept of CALABINE, as it is hard to be developed and it has unexpectedly resulted in a great evoline in this Fakedex. A vegetable have never seemed this superb.

Negative points
- I think a rat-like Fakemon line as starter is not the best thing. Rats are not usually liked or do not usually deserve one's affection in real life, so it would be hard to feel it for the IGNOUSE evoline.
- FINNIPED has a rather weird pair of feet. I try to figure out if that's a water splash or real feet. It's so cute though!
- I was quite disappointed with the renewal of the MANOON line. Old BANDRILL is the Fakemon I've liked the most of your Fakedex. You have changed it to a less original design and added an unnecessary evolution (which I don't like at all).
- The ACEAUNT group is just too forced. It's your only evoline that does not fit with Pokémon style. Cards are too-object ideas and are so hard to be represented by Pokémons. Anyway, I consider you talented enough to do that.

Honestly, you have so much talent and imagination and you know how to channel it. Keep going and do not fall into easy concepts or repetitive designs; because your originality and unique perspectives are your best weapons.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
61 out of 69 deviants thought this was fair.

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cacturnespook Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Are you going to update the dex?
pokeluka Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Yes i will, but i'm quite busy right now
cacturnespook Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
I see well I can't waig to see the rest of Pokemon of the Naisu Region.
DaybreakM Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Easily the best dex ever
pokeluka Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
stahp i'm blushin 
mudwingfantasy Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
pokeluka Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Glad you think so :)
Wolfhowl2090 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Are they fan made eevee evolution's? If so I love them ^o^
pokeluka Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes, i made 'em :D
Wolfhowl2090 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So cute!!
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